Monday, 7 November 2011

SO india ....

After countless months of procrastination ( a skill of which india is so fondly acquainted with) I have finally got round to writing my personal review on Miss India Davies. Now normally this would be the time when a teenage girl would go into a hysterical explanation on how her "bffe" was so "stunners" and  she was her "wifey for lifey" and that nothing would ever come between their "true friendship". But to be quite frank, I think that its a load of bull. Excuse my language but REALLY?? I mean honestly she may be your "BFFE" but lets be truthful, it doesn't stop you from slagging her off the second her backs turned. 
So no, this post will not be about my undoubtedly perfect friendship with India Davies or how she "rocks my world". I wont waste you time, I will be genuine and honest, as at the end of the day, thats what our friendship banks on. 

India is very much like a species of indigenous poisinous frog, blaring warning signals and scare off any blundering predators and feeding off stupid naive flies. Yet for those brave, intrigued and slightly delirious adventurers, they find the sublime brilliance in this rare and treasurable species. They risk countless venomous attacks and low blows but seem to have the idiocy to continue to admire and exhaustingly attempt to understand this guarded creature. 

Some, well most, reject the strenuous and sometimes truly testing task in getting to know Miss Davies, as they get shooed away, screaming in their tracks from her blunt honesty, sharp tongue and misunderstood nature, without really delving further. Those who overlook her true originality and ingenuity are utterly inept and in all honesty wouldn't cutt the grain for India's standards anyway. I am so honored to be associated with India, as in truth, she is the most genuinely inspiring person I know 

P.S don't hug her 


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