Saturday, 30 July 2011

Baby girl

My little sister hasn't been too well recently, so she decided to have a little nap. Couldn't help but try to capture how utterly adorable she looks when she sleeps 
Copyright of Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey Photography

More photos

Some more inspiring photos, just love them. 

Summer Breeze

Mmmm what a song, The Isley Brothers true true music right there. This song made my morning, specially as its one of the ONLY song to mention my name, my mum used to say this was my song. It still is, love it to shreds. Here are some photos I took to capture the almost summer. 
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Friday, 29 July 2011

Gorgeous music

I love this song with all my heart. Absolutely stunning, what an amazing man. If there was one thing i could call mine or own just one thing, it would be this song. So inspiring 


 Some more amazing amazing photos. I just cant get enough, mmm there will be plenty more where that came from.


Was clearing out my room the other day, FUN, and came across my jewelry case.SO many things I didn't know I had. It looked cool in a pile so I thought I'd take a quick snap 
Copyright of Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Just visited one of my other absolute favorite blogs of all time: Ambush, and tracked down one of their amazing shoots in Guatemala for an editorial. Not only are the photos absolutely gorgeous, but the clothes are STUNNING. mmm big love for Ambush. 

Much Love

Some more amazing amazing photos from polaroid and instant. I'm SOOO hungry for my polaroid camera right now! MUST get film, someone remind me 
Lover of all living things


Buy me

Too cute

This would be me 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

This special little someone

Right here is a gorgeous young lass, who I am lucky enough to call my friend. She is truly STUNNERS and runs one of the hottest blog on block. Big shout out to my babe Emily Cuthbert and her amazing blog
What a beaut 

Ahhhh Polaroid

Well I A am extraordinarily excited today, as I have just purchased my first POLAROID CAMERA!! Sorry what was that jasmine? YES MY FIRST POLAROID CAMERA! I bought it from this amazing AMAZING antique camera store in Arundel (yes I had never heard of it either). It was the cutest little tudor village, extremely picturesque, and I spotted the Antique store straight away. So there I was walking up the stairs into the Photography section at the shop, when suddenly, EVER SO SUDDENLY, I walked into heaven. That stairway right there was my own personal stairway to heaven. You see as soon as I reached the top I looked around and BOOM! Every single shelf and free space was COVERED, no, SMOTHERED with cameras!!! After swearing a tiny bitt, I started to squeal like a little piggy and jump about a bit, high on vintage cameras. Only then did I realize I was not alone, a elderly stepped out from behind the tiny desk and asked in a very polite elderly voice "So you like photography then?" I only just managed the words yes before collapsing into a nervous jibbering mess and scraped off to find my mother who was carrying money. I mingled with Chris the elderly chap and talked cameras for a while, until I begged my darling mother to buy me my very first polaroid, WOOOOHHOOOOO. I am so exited! I will be posting countless photos from my polaroid as soon as I have got film, SO STAY TUNED! And if you have any interest in photography or cameras what so ever I strongly suggest you visit Chris at 6 High street, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9AB. DOO IIT! 
Copyright of Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey Photography
Copyright of Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey Photography

Hello world

 These images make me feel nice, truly inspirational, mmmm big love. Never gunna grow tired of polaroid. 
Kiss me 


On the edge
I like birds

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Wow I saw these guys live about a month ago and, WOW they were amazing! this song is yet another one of my music drugs. 

Love in my view

Love is a twisted emotion. Yes, we have all heard.  It can chew you up. Consume you. Then leave you, strangled, if you haven't quite got enough. It's funny because you can give and receive plenty of love, but feel totally alone when it's not reciprocated by a certain person. It can shatter you. And build you. And drag you back to square one. It's quite selfish and self-absorbed really. But isn't that what defines the human race ? SO selfish and naive we are to fall for loves curse every time. I often feel blinded by love and seise to realize it's beauty and enormity. Love can make us quake within ourselves, Break us, mend us, bring us together, make us hungry with desire. Love manages to entangle itself with every unique thing, wether be our love for hatred or hatred for love. It shows you all new heights and forces to learn from devastating lows. No emotion is as raw, intense or powerful as love.  

A piece by Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey 

The isle of white things

 About a month ago, my best friend and I went for a long weekend to the isle of white. One of the funniest times we've had i think. Love my ella may to shreds. Here are a few photos i took to capture our time.
Copyright Of  J.H.L photography
Copyright of J.H.L Photography

Copyright of J.H.L Photography

Copyright of J.H.L Photography 

Check her out

 I was scrolling through countless blogs online, when I stumbled across these photos. It's Valerie Van Der Graaf By Klaas Jan Kliphus, And i just thought these photos where amazing, I love what Valerie is wearing and she looks sensational!  


Hey what's up?! I'm here, just me, chilling! Just want to mention what an amazing day it is today?! Yeah, It's not the best weather but really, what a great day for life. woooohhhh 
Stripy Baby


Ohhh wow

This song drives me insane! I absolutely love it! 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Big love

Woahh, I bet your well jell, I know and love this gorgeous girl! Carolin Roller, what and absolute stunner! LOVE this photo, LOVE what she's wearing LOVE this babe! 


OH MY!These sunglasses are utterly incredible! i would marry them. Yes, Yes I would. 


Life is hard,
I never quite realized it, not for me. My life ,when I  look upon it, seems full; complete. I have everything I ever wished for. A few hinges here and there, but over all I have it so sweet. Only when I encountered a person less fortunate than I am, did I stop to wonder and question if wether or not everyone has it so lucky. It occurred to me right then that the answer was no. although I want to help, so help me I do, I cant fight the constant air of unhappiness that lingers in my mouth with every encounter. I feel guilty for feeling this way. The presence only taints my aura of happiness. My new found positive outcome on life has changed though. I no longer take for granted the precious happiness I maintain. Yet to just neglect this problem, this hurt seems wrong on all counts, to be drawn in deep, and commit to this pain would only inflict pain onto myself. Trapped to share the burden of pain. I wish to take back the day I first intruded and opened this hole of depression and unfamiliarity. To a life that is so much different than my own. Now the promise holds me with a strengthening rope of guilt, constricting me and picking at my happiness. 

A Piece By Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey 


Copyright of Jasmine Lewis-Humphrey Photography
Thought my first photograph of mine that I upload should be meaningful or at least special to me, so here it is. It's my favorite book of all time: To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee. If you have read it I'm sure you agree its an amazing read and a truly stunning book, If you haven't read it .....    READ IT now!!!!! 

Images that make me go wow

Wow these photos are amazing, i love all of them. Adore the use of polaroid and instant. Mmmmmm so edible.

The looking glass so shiny and new
Think of you

Colour my world 

Standing in the way of control


Naughty Olive!!
Just discovered that my baby girl Olive is on heat, YET AGAIN. We already know the perfect stud and KNOW they will produce the most adorable puppies!! Just need to persuade my mamaa that having a preggers Bolive will be fun ..... If my maths is correct it should mean that we will be expecting a  litter right around christmas, n'awww christmas puppies!! YAAAAYYYY 

This song inspires me

this is my first post and I am rather excited! So whilst eating my bowl of cookie chrisp, I thought why not share, with you, one of my absolute favorite songs of all time?! It is also by one of my favorite bands named The Xx. You shall be hearing allot more about them as this blog continues, as they are truly amazing and addictive. SO here it goes, the song that inspired me to make this blog, and the song that I listen to almost everyday. Night Time, The Xx