Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Did you ever really stare at me

I ate flowers in the back yard whilst eating neutered fruit


Well as you all know , and have most probably figured out by now, it's christmas soon (que woops and cheers) and the one thing I HAVE to have for every christmas is a playlist. During autumn I have a worked through numerous Fleet Foxes songs. The folk sounding guitar and warm lyrics really bring autumn justice, through a spectrum of cozy oranges and vibrant reds. I thought, while I have a moment, I would give you a quick sneak peak to my CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST. yeah, I said it CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST!!! WOOHHHH. this track is just utterly amazing and I have had it on loop for a number of weeks now. St Vincent never seems to disappoint. I was planning on seeing her in Queen Elizabeth Hall, but never got round to it. Plus I'm skint. But if YOU, a respectful human being who is cool enough to read this amazing blog, have any taste in music, or money for that matter, GO AND SEE ST VINCENT!!! 

Friday, 7 October 2011

Seany bum

Well, as you may know,or may not know, I have some pretty amazing friends. Not just amazing, fucking incredible really. One of these awesomely cool trendy friends is Sean :) Sean is not just an average bloke. He is more than that. He is such an outstanding friend who you can trust inapplicably. Although he thinks I'm a dipshit and that I cannot spell to save the galaxy, I do not think I have made a spelling error so far, I love him dearly. Sean makes everything ok, and make everything seem in perspective, sane, for short sectors in my life. He may probably kill me now for not hyphenating the "a" in his name, but I don't know how to Sean. Bottom line is, Sean is amazing and if you are ever in need of a strong, burly Irishman, don't hesitate to call 

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Well i haven't done this in a while

When you find a song you adore

This song is honestly so amazing. India and I have been listening to it non stop. What can I say, I love The Cure